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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a content marketing company. We are a team of Digital Marketers, Software Engineers, Hardware Specialists, Data Scientists, the Internet and Security Engineers, Medical Doctors, and Automotive Engineers. Our writers and Editors have extensive first-hand experience in research and lab testing. We have several certifications like Network+, Security+, A+, Project+, AWS Architect, ITIL and others.

Purpose of This Website

Purpose of this website is to make a product buying decision as easy as possible for consumers. We research different products for consumers so that consumers don't have to waist their time learning technical jargon. We break down every details of the products so that consumers can know all the pros and cons.

After reading our reviews on their desired product category, consumers can make up your mind about specific products. This way, they don't have to know all the technical jargon, but still get the best product for the buck without any trade-off.

Our Research Process

Before we post our product/service reviews, we usually purchase the products/services ourselves to test them out. Sometimes the manufacture lends us the product for a few days to test them out.

Then, We do hands-on test just like a consumer would. And from the various test results, we use the data and our expertise to find out which product works better on which situation. As we examine, we record data about these products. After that, we rank according to the tests our experience for consumers.