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Channel Logos

Run freevo makelogos

It uses the information in the '/tmp/TV.xml' file, which has url's for the logos, to locate and grab the images. The logos are stored and will be displayed in the channel list. It's a know bug that the images are scaled in the tv guide to fit the given rectangle.

Update as of January 25, 2005

I just started using xmltv and in order to get freevo makelogos to work I first had to run tv_grab_na_icons to get the icons on my system. In retrospect, this seems fairly obvious, but it is not pointed out in the above directions.

Update as of March 6, 2005 (okay_awright)

If you don't use a XMLTV grabber (e.g. nxtvepg for european broadcasts) and there is no URL pointing to icons or TV channels logos in your XMLTV file, you may manually add your own TV logos and bypass freevo makelogos.

First download/copy/edit/create/whatever one PNG file for each channel referenced in your TV_CHANNELS variable in your local_config.py. These files must be renamed according to their own channel id listed in your TV_CHANNELS variable [format: <channel_id>.png]. Then add a new variable TV_LOGOS inside your local_config.py that specifies the directory containing these new logos.

Beware that their size ratio must be proportional to the current Freevo font in use and if you don't want to see them deformed and overscaled. Empirically it seems that 47x11 files look good enough within the default Freevo skins/fonts combinations.

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