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Swedish listings

The swedish listings grabber is now called tv_grab_se since tv_grab_sn broke.

Seems like freevo 1.3.4 dosent handle the channelnames correctly, they will be named to something like 14.dagenstv.com in xmltv. But when you try to schedule it with freevo it get's renamed to 14.dagenscom. You have to change a line in the tv_grab_sn in order to get it to work (might be changed in freevo cvs to handle the original names thow..). Jump to the line 268 and change


then edit your xmltv names in local_config.py to point to 14 instead of 14.dagenstv.com. Dont really know if anyone else were experiencing any problems on this matter, but anyway, if you are > here's the solution ;)

2014-02-15 05:47