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New Zealand listings


There no longer appears to be a working xmltv_grab_nz available for xmltv. However after some searching I was able to find a working xmltv grabber implementation for New Zealand called XMLTVNZ (http://www.reven.co.nz/).

This is a .NET application that creates an XMLTV compliant file for all NZ channels. It will also run under linux when compiled using Mono (http://www.mono-project.com).

To get the date to generate correctly be sure to add the command line options -seconds -offset +1200

Here is the full string I use to run xmlTVNZ on my linux box

Note: I use sky_tv3 as the normal tv3 didn't appear to work correctly

-Update, only xmltv ver2.5 is currently available for free download and it appears to be quite outdated now, it will only grab TV1, TV2, and prime. xmltv ver3.0 is available to download if you donate to the project but it will grab TV3 and the sky channels as far as I can tell.



This is a freely available windows based xml grabber written for the GBPVR project which works equally well for Freevo (I have not tried running it with wine yet, currently I am just running it on my windows box and transfering the xml file to my Freevo box)

Follow the instructions on the download page to use it on a windows box.

Upon initial configuration choose SageTV from the 'PVR type' dropdown box then choose the channels you wish to download, it will then write a configuration file that it will use for subsequent guide downloads.

If you don't choose SageTV as the pvr type Freevo will fail when you do the freevo cache command with multiple errors about incorrect time format.

2014-02-15 05:47