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Irish listings

Irish listings are provided with the tv_grab_uk_rt script with uses data from radiotimes.com. To configure xmltv for freevo 1st run 'tv_grab_uk_rt --configure' this script will ask you to choose you channels and write a conf file for you. Once this is done make sure you have your TV_Channels & xmltv settings configured in you local_conf.py and then run 'freevo tv_grab'

The config file xmltv uses is stored in ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt.conf

Here is an example for NTL in Dublin (as of 05 March 2005, most likely out of date)

channel rte-1.rte.ie
channel C1870.radiotimes.com
channel tv3.ie
channel utvlive.com
channel channel4.com
channel south-east.bbc1.bbc.co.uk
channel south-east.bbc2.bbc.co.uk
channel sky-one.sky.com
channel e4.channel4.com
channel tg4.ie
channel 1.setanta.com
channel discoveryeurope.com
channel mtv.co.uk
channel tmf.nl
channel toons.nickelodeon.co.uk
channel sky-news.sky.com

2014-02-15 05:47