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Dutch listings

tv_grab_nl as found in xmltv-grabbers-0.5.39-59.rhfc3.at.rpm is a bit broken, it throws several errors, it missed the rename of ¨VRT TV1¨, but for the rest it works. tvgrab_nl_wolf is in worse shape, the output seems to confuse freevo, claiming no channel info is available.

You might want to try grab_tv_nl_gert from http://xmltv.assies.info/dist/. More info about grab_tv_nl_gert at http://www.addictivesoftware.net/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=3&Itemid=28.

Now there are two ways to get your TV.xml in place:

tv_grab_nl > /tmp/TV.xml 

(possibly as nightly cronjob)

or configure local_conf.pyto use the grabber of your choice:

XMLTV_GRABBER = 'tv_grab_nl' 

and then call

freevo tv_grab

to update your program info.

2014-02-15 05:47