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Freevo Configuration using webserver config.rpy and pluginconfig.rpy

Addition to the webserver to allow editing of local_conf.py config.rpy - Webpage to edit settings in the local_conf.py file. pluginconfig.rpy - Webpage to turn off and on plugins. This page can be loaded by :

  1. going to webpage - freevo server:freevoPort:/config.rpy or pluginconfig.rpy
  2. Adding to PERSONAL_WWW_PAGE.

Webpage Args:

  1. expAll=T - Expand all lists on the web page. Example config.rpy?expAll=T

local_conf.py settings:

  1. CONFIG_EDIT_FILE = 'path and file name of local_conf.py' , else defaults /etc/freevo/local_conf.py

Usage Config.rpy

Usage Pluginconfig.rpy

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