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Freevo Log Viewer.

Displays the last X number of lines in Freevo log file on a webpage in order from newest to oldest.. Requires a running freevo webserver. Once the freevo webserver is running, the log viewer page can be display in one of two ways.

  1. freevowebserver :port/vewlogfiles.rpy
  2. adding ('Log Files','View Log','viewlogfiles.rpy')

Log Viewer Args (optional)

  1. displayfile (default - webserver-0.log) - Name of the log file to display
  2. rows (default - 20) - Number of lines in the log file to display.
  3. delayamount (default - 9999) - Number of seconds for log refresh.

Call Examples

  1. viewlogfile.rpy?rows=100&delayamount=100 (Display the last 100 lines of the log file and update every 100 secs.)

  2. viewlogfile.rpy?displayfile=main-1001.log&rows=50&delayamount=25 (Display main-1001.log , last 50 lines update every 25 secs.)

Current Issues

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