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Installing the svn and test versions of Freevo 1

The idea is that you can install the subversion of Freevo release 1 branch without breaking your current installation. Installing the subversion helps development by reporting bugs against the latest version no point in reporting fixed bugs and it helps test the next release.

for module in base imlib2 display metadata; do    
    git clone git://github.com/freevo/kaa-$module.git    
    pushd $module
    python setup.py install --prefix=~/freevo-test

git clone git://github.com/freevo/freevo1.git 

./autogen.sh nodocs 

python setup.py install --prefix=~/freevo-test 

cd ~/freevo-test 

cp -pv /etc/freevo/* ~/freevo-test 

version=$(python -V 2>&1 | sed -n 's/Python \(.\..\).*/\1/p') 

export PYTHONPATH=~/freevo-test/lib/python${version}/site-packages 

./bin/freevo convert_config ~/freevo-test/local_conf.py 



Easy as 123...

cd /to/svn/source/directory 
git pull 
rm -rf build/* ./autogen.sh nodocs 
python setup.py install --prefix=~/freevo-test 

2014-02-15 05:47