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Freevo supports both audio and video podcasts opening up a whole new avenue for media on your Freevo box. As of Freevo-1.7.4 podcast use in Freevo is being moved to one unified plugin currently called itv. The itv plugin allows you to view or listen live to podcast audio and video channels from the internet. You can configure it with your favourite podcasts and even have it download them in the background for you to view when you get home. Of course if you have the bandwidth you can just stream them live.

Configuring Freevo for podcasts

Just a note for now, I think the plugin documentaion should be automatically generated under the plugins section, have to find the link.

Podcast links

An email was sent to the Freevo users mailing list to ask for users to post their podcast links. Below is a list of them and please add to this with your own. It would be nice to have the following information: title, language, genre and link to feed image.

By country/language

English / International






Known Issues

In release 1.7.4 there is an issue with the itv plugin. When trying to choose a podcast the user is told 'No action defined for this choice', this was cased by a change in the ratings system used to determine which player (xine, mplayer, vlc) is used for a particular item. This issue has been fixed in Freevo-rel1 svn and there will probably be a bugfix release to address it in the near future.

2014-02-15 05:47