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IMDB Plugin

This is a plugin to create movie fxd files (see Movie FXD files)

Plugin broken in release before freevo 1.5.3

To activate this plugin add this to your local_conf.py:


There are some options for this plugin, you can change these in local_conf.py:

# list of regexp to be ignored on a disc label
IMDB_REMOVE_FROM_LABEL = ('season[\._ -][0-9]+', 'disc[\._ -][0-9]+',
                          'd[\._ -][0-9]+', 'german')

# list of words to ignore when searching based on a filename

# When searching for a movie title in imdb, should the result be
# autoaccepted if it is only one hit?
# 0 = show menu even if it is only one hit (gives you an opportunity to cancel)
# 1 = autoaccept

To use this plugin, select a movie press 'e' or 'enter' button on the remote and you will see an option to search info about this movie for the selected movie. A active internet conection is required of course.

You can also use imdb.py in the helpers directory.

How to use imdb.py is a bit non obvious. Firstly you need to look for your movie, lets say we want to get the data for 'Romancing the Stone'.

{{{ %freevo imdb -s romancing 342943 Romancing Along (1937, Movie) 0114293 Romancing Sara (1995, Movie) 0088011 Romancing the Stone (1984, Movie) 0093056 Fu xing jia qi (1987, Movie) 0095404 Jing zhuong zhui nu zi zhi er (1988, Movie) 0098217 Lang zhi yi zu (1989, Movie) }}}

Now we can download the actual data into movies-data (you may need to add this directory). Notice the number, this number can also be obtained by performing a search on IMDB and copying the number from the url.

If you want to use the information for a DVD use the following:

{{{ %freevo imdb 0088011 movie-data/romance dvd }}}

If you have a collection of files use:

{{{ %freevo imdb 0088011 romance.fxd romance-cd1.avi romance-cd2.avi }}}

Use imdb.py --help to see more options

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