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If you view an image you can use UP and DOWN to view the next/prev image. LEFT and RIGHT rotates the image. You can press record button (REC) on rotated JPEG images and the image will be stored with this rotation (lossless transformation). By pressing DISPLAY you get some information about the picture. Freevo is able to read and display information from the EXIF tag (Exchangeable Image File Format) of digital photos.


In addition to the builtin slideshow function (see ImageConfig), you can have explicit slideshow files. They are simple text files (*.ssr ) that start with a line containing [Slides] and continue with each line of the file being an image in the slide show. The exact format is:

FileName: "quoted_filename"; Caption: "quoted_caption"; Delay: "quoted_seconds"

This approach has the advantage that you can determine a different sequence of your images and that the slideshow continues with the next image automatically after the delay, so that you do not have to press NEXT anytime. See TipsAndTricks for a small script to create such slideshow files.

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