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This plugin gives you the ability to run commands when an action is selected from the menu. It has been written with home automation in mind, but is extremely flexible since it relies on external programs of your choice to do most of the work.

To activate it, put the following in your local_conf.py.

plugin.activate( 'home_automation' )

This activates the plugin, but configuration is required. The configuration variable is called 'AUTOMATION_ITEMS'. It is configured with values in the order of ROOM, (DEVICE, (FUNCTION, COMMAND TO RUN TO ACHIEVE FUNCTION)). An example of these items would be 'Living Room', ('Ceiling Fan', ('ON', '/usr/sbin/heyu on A1')). Heyu is a program for interfacing with X10 automation equipment, it is what I personally use, but any other program should work. Here is a more elaborate sample configuration:

AUTOMATION_ITEMS = [('Living Room',
                    ('Lights',('On','heyu on a2','Off','heyu off a2')),
                    ('TV',('On','heyu on a1','Off','heyu off a1'))
                    ('Lights',('On','heyu on a3','Off','heyu off a3')),

Being that all this plugin does is execute other programs, you can use it for many things. I use it in conjunction with SSH to run commands on other systems.

2014-02-15 05:35