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USB Storage

Plugin for usb storage devices.

Parameter: name and mountpoint..

You should also activate the usb plugin so that the menu will change when you plugin in or remove the usb storage device.


plugin.activate('usbstorage', type='video', args=('USB Key', '/mnt/hd'))
plugin.activate('usbstorage', type='audio', args=('USB Key', '/mnt/hd'))
plugin.activate('usbstorage', type='image', args=('USB Key', '/mnt/hd'))

This plugin won't mount the device, when it is unmounted it will show an empty directory. When mounted it will display the items on the storage device.

You could usb the USB_HOTPLUG for this (see usb plugin) but it is a bad hack. Better install udev and some automounter.

2014-02-15 05:35