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A plugin to start a screensaver when freevo has been inactive in a menu for a long time. There are 4 basic types and one of the types has two subtypes. The types are xscreensaver, ssr, fxd, and script. The fxd type has two subtypes: one for movies and one for slideshows. The xsccreensaver type will only work if you are using an Xserver. Here is an example xscreensaver type. You must provide the paths to your xscreensaver and xscreensaver-command programs.

plugin.activate('freevoscreensaver', args=('xscreensaver','/usr/bin/xscreensaver','/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command',))

Here is a script type example. Basically you write a start and stop script you wish to use for a screensaver. This is a catchall for people wanting a very specific saver with a specific config.

plugin.activate('freevoscreensaver', args=('script','/usr/local/bin/screensaverstart','/usr/local/bin/screensaverstop',))

Shown below is and example of a ssr type of screensaver. It takes an ssr file which refers to a bunch of pictures and displays them repeatedly.

plugin.activate('freevoscreensaver', args=('ssr','/usr/local/freevo_data/Images/blah.ssr',))

Here is an image type fxd. Very similar to the ssr but taking the fxd playlist approach to showing the images. This way you can set random if you want it for example.

plugin.activate('freevoscreensaver', args=('fxd','/usr/local/freevo_data/Images/saver.fxd','image',))

A video version of the fxd type screensaver. It repeatedly shows a movie in a loop with no sound.

plugin.activate('freevoscreensaver', args=('fxd','/usr/local/freevo_data/Movies/saver.fxd','video',))

Plugin configuration variables:

SSAVER_DELAY: Number of seconds to wait to start screensaver.
Default: 300

SSAVER_POLL: Number of seconds to wait between polling.
Default: 600

2014-02-15 05:35