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This plugin creates a new main menu entry called reminders. It was made to show the ouptut of "remind" ( http://www.roaringpenguin.com/en/penguin/openSourceProducts/remind) command, but its generic enough to run any command and show its output.

To activate, put the following lines in local_conf.py:

plugin.activate('remind', level=45)
REMINDERS=[ ("cmd", "name", <wrap 0|N>, "string") ]

Wrap should be the maximum number of columns, and string if defined would be used to indent the output. Example:

REMINDERS = [ ('/usr/bin/remind -h /home/freevo/reminders', 'Today', 47, 'Reminders for'),
              ('/usr/bin/remind -h /home/freevo/birthdays \*7', 'Next 7 days', 47, 'Reminders for'),
              ('/usr/bin/remind -h /home/freevo/birthdays \*30', 'Next 30 days', 47, 'Reminders for'),
              ('/sbin/ifconfig', 'ifconfig', 0, '' ) ]

2014-02-15 05:35