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The Color Button Bar plugin adds to the bottom of the display the familiar Red/Green/Yellow/Blue buttons found on most TVs and settop boxes.

The purpose of this bar is to make you life easier. It links actions to the four buttons that would be availlable to you when you 'entered' the selected item rather than do the normal select.


When you 'enter' a movie file you have the option of selecting the chapter (if there is more than one), playing with a different player, getting information from IMDB etc. With the button bar upto 4 of this actions will be displayed on the button bar linked to the colors red/green/yellow/blue. If there where more than 4 actions available for the selected item, the first 3 actions will be displayed on the red, green and yellow buttons and the 4th will allow you to display all the actions as you would normally see if you 'entered' the item.



When navigating in the TV guide sometimes you want to jump straight to tomorrow rather than scrolling through lots of programs before you finally get to the same time as you where looking at or you have been browsing the TV guide for some time and now you want to check again, what is running at this very moment. The button bar plugin can be configured to present you with the option to jump a certain amount of hours forward or back or to jump back to now. Moreover you can configure the button bar to have a short cut for showing the full description of a selected program or to start recording. (But unfortunately there are only four buttons).



To use the button bar add the following line to your local_conf.py:


Add then map the following actions to unused keys (For example):

KEYMAP[key.K_F7] = 'RED'
KEYMAP[key.K_F8] = 'GREEN'
KEYMAP[key.K_F11] = 'YELLOW'
KEYMAP[key.K_F12] = 'BLUE'

The actions available in the TV Guide can be customised by adding the following to your local_conf.py

# Format is 'Color button':'Action' 

Where the actions mapped to each of the colors can be one of the following:

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