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Bluetooth remote control plugin

This is a plugin that let's you control Freevo with your cellphone. It will work with all phones based on Symbian OS that support Event Reporting. If you have a newer phone that lack this feature You can use the next plugin that uses a j2me application instead.

Reported to work with Ericsson T68, SonyEricsson T610 and Siemens S55. The Nokia N-Gage does _not_ work (event reporting not supported).

Download count is currently at 2550. Yet there is a very small amount of emails in my inbox, not counting spam. If you get it to work, PLEASE email Freevo version, cellphone type and if possible the configuration you use. ikea/ieka can be contacted on lmq137t at tninet.se or tankdriverikea at gmail.com

Please read the README file included, it contains all the information you need (almost) to get it working right away.

New features:


If you need any help you can find my email adress in the plugin source. Please read the README file first.

Keysettings for T68 and T610 is default, with the report of Siemens S55, this was submitted:

     'V' : 'DISPLAY',
     'S' : 'VOL-',
     'E' : 'VOL+',
     '1' : 'PLAY',
     '2' : 'UP',
     '3' : 'STOP',
     '4' : 'LEFT',
     '5' : 'SELECT',
     '6' : 'RIGHT',
     '7' : 'REW',
     '8' : 'DOWN',
     '9' : 'FFWD',
     '0' : 'EXIT',

Note that this does NOT use the keylock feature.

PleaseUpdate : Can someone who uses the plugin verify that all the info is still correct for freevo 1.5.x Info for older freevo versions can be deleted.


This plugin uses a J2ME applet in the phone based on the applet of the Bemused project. It should work in all the phones that support the MIDP 2.0 profile and Bluetooth API (JSR-82). The midlet of freevused is a trimmed down version of the original applet and is not compatible with Bemused.

The compiled midlet may be found in the contrib/freevused/midlet/bin directory in the Freevo package and has been tested with Nokia 6230, 6288 and N70 phones.

I have used the j2me classes provided with an SDK from Nokia but the midlet has no Nokia especific code. It could work with other phones but I don't have any way to test it.


This plugin uses The Python bindings for Bluez bluetooth stack.. You have to install it in your system before running this plugin.

For this plugin to work you need the j2me midlet installed in a compatible phone. It will do nothing without the midlet.

To install the midlet just copy the .jar and .jad files that are in the midlet/midlet directory to your phone. I personally use Gammu.


Add this snippet to the /etc/freevo/local.conf file.


# The following variables are optional.
# They are only needed if you don't like the defaults

# if RFCOMM port is already binded wait this seconds to retry binding

# Translation of commands from j2me client to events of Freevo

     'PREV': 'UP',                # 1st row left
     'STRT': 'SELECT',            # 1nd row center
     'NEXT': 'DOWN',              # 1st row right
     'RWND': 'LEFT',              # 2nd row left
     'PAUS': 'PAUSE',             # 2nd row center
     'FFWD': 'RIGHT',             # 2nd row right
     'VOL-': 'MIXER_VOLDOWN',     # 3rd row left
     'STOP': 'EXIT',              # 3rd row center
     'VOL+': 'MIXER_VOLUP',       # 3rd row right
     'VOLM': 'MIXER_MUTE',        # 4th row left
     'SLCT': 'ENTER',             # 4th row center
     'MAIN': 'STOP',              # 4th row right

     'DISP': 'DISPLAY',           # More actions
     'EJEC': 'EJECT',
     'DEAU': 'DISPLAY',
     'CHA+': 'CH+',
     'CHA-': 'CH-',
     'RECO': 'REC',
     'GUID': 'GUIDE',
     'NUM0': '0',                 # Numeric keyboard
     'NUM1': '1',
     'NUM2': '2',
     'NUM3': '3',
     'NUM4': '4',
     'NUM5': '5',
     'NUM6': '6',
     'NUM7': '7',
     'NUM8': '8',
     'NUM9': '9',


2014-02-15 05:35