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The encoding server is a standalone daemon to re-encode DVDs or recorded shows, and as it is separate from the Freevo frontend it can be run on a separate machine. It requires very little configuration as output quality and size options are controlled by plugins. The following link provides some more information but needs to be updated for release 1.7.3 and onwards: MoviePlugins/Encodingserver


The following configuration options are available for local_conf.py in 1.7.4:

Added in 1.7.6:

Note: The following appear in the 1.7.4 and 1.8.0 sources but seem to be missing from Don't use them if you don't know what you're doing

Starting the Encodingserver


Execute the following line:

freevo encodingserver start

Container and Codec Options

Some plugins using the encoding server need a bit of configuring, so below are the codec and container options:


Video Codecs

Audio Codecs


The so far the reencode (plugin.activate('video.reencode')) and dvdbackup (plugin.activate('video.dvdbackup')) plugins utilise the encoding server

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