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Configure Freeview (DVB-T) for the Hampshire in the UK

This is a config file based on getting tv using the radio times and xmltv, and for freeview reception in hampshire, south england. I've included the radio stations found on freeview even though there is no TV guide, as I like to listen to the radio.

NOTE: there is no "top up TV" channels configured here, as I only have a USB stick receiver so I have no ability to access the topup TV channels.

TV Configuration in /etc/freevo/local_conf.py

TV_CHANNELS = [('south.bbc1.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC ONE', 'BBC ONE'),
               ('south.bbc2.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC TWO', 'BBC TWO'),
               ('meridian.tv.co.uk', 'ITV1', 'ITV1'),
               ('channel4.com', 'Channel 4', 'Channel 4'),
               ('channel5.co.uk', 'Five', 'Five'),
               ('e4.channel4.com', 'E4', 'E4'),
               ('more4.channel4.com', 'More4', 'More 4'),
               ('choice.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC THREE', 'BBC THREE'),
               ('knowledge.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC FOUR', 'BBC FOUR'),
               ('filmfour.channel4.com', 'Film4', 'Film4'),
               ('itv2.itv.co.uk', 'ITV2', 'ITV2'),
               ('itv3.itv.co.uk', 'ITV3', 'ITV3'),
               ('itv4.itv.co.uk', 'ITV4', 'ITV4'),
               ('citv.itv.co.uk', 'CITV', 'CITV'),
               ('cbeebies.bbc.co.uk', 'CBeebies', 'CBeebies'),
               ('plus-1.e4.channel4.com', 'E4+1', 'E4+1'),
               ('sky-three.sky.com', 'SKY THREE', 'SKY THREE'),
               ('ukhistory.tv', 'UKTV History', 'UKTV History'),
               ('news-24.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC NEWS 24', 'BBC NEWS 24'),
               ('parliament.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC Parliament', 'BBC Parliament'),
               ('sky-news.sky.com', 'Sky News', 'Sky News'),
               ('qvcuk.com', 'QVC', 'QVC'),
               ('abc1.disney.com', 'abc1', 'abc1'),
               ('bid-up.tv', 'bid tv', 'bid tv'),
               ('tcm.turner.com', 'TCM', 'TCM'),
               ('price-drop.tv', 'price-drop tv', 'price-drop tv'),
               ('q4music.com', 'Q', 'Q'),
               ('qvcuk.com', 'Q', 'Q'),
               ('magictv.co.uk', 'Magic', 'Magic'),
               ('kerrang.com', 'Kerrang!', 'Kerrang!'),
               ('kiss-tv.kiss100.com', 'Kiss', 'Kiss'),
               ('idealworld.tv', 'Ideal World', 'Ideal World'),
               ('tmf.nl', 'TMF', 'TMF'),
               ('the-hits.emap.com', 'The HITS', 'The HITS'),
               ('bbcradio1','BBC Radio 1','BBC Radio 1'),
               ('bbcradio2','BBC Radio 2','BBC Radio 2'),
               ('bbcradio3','BBC Radio 3','BBC Radio 3'),
               ('bbcradio4','BBC Radio 4','BBC Radio 4'),
               ('bbcradio6','BBC 6 Music','BBC 6 Music'),
               ('bbcradio7','BBC 7','BBC 7'),
               ('virginradio','Virgin Radio','Virgin Radio'),
               ('premierradio','Premier Radio','Premier Radio')]

Obtain all days the TV Guide

Configure xmltv - here is my config from .xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt.conf :

channel south.bbc1.bbc.co.uk
channel south.bbc2.bbc.co.uk
channel meridian.tv.co.uk
channel channel4.com
channel channel5.co.uk
channel e4.channel4.com
channel more4.channel4.com
channel choice.bbc.co.uk
channel knowledge.bbc.co.uk
channel filmfour.channel4.com
channel itv2.itv.co.uk
channel itv3.itv.co.uk
channel itv4.itv.co.uk
channel citv.itv.co.uk
channel cbeebies.bbc.co.uk
channel plus-1.e4.channel4.com
channel sky-three.sky.com
channel ukhistory.tv
channel news-24.bbc.co.uk
channel parliament.bbc.co.uk
channel sky-news.sky.com
channel qvcuk.com
channel abc1.disney.com
channel bid-up.tv
channel tcm.turner.com
channel price-drop.tv
channel q4music.com
channel qvcuk.com
channel magictv.co.uk
channel kerrang.com
channel kiss-tv.kiss100.com
channel idealworld.tv
channel tmf.nl
channel the-hits.emap.com       

Then edit your cron (crontab -e) I do have this scheduled for early in the morning to ensure it doesn't clash with recordsing, as it very rare I'm doing anything with the box at that time:

0 3 * * * /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk_rt --gui TermNoProgressBar --days=10 > /tmp/TV.xml 2>/tmp/TV.xml.error &
0 6 * * * /usr/bin/freevo cache > /dev/null && freevo schedulefavorites > /dev/null

2014-02-15 05:10