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Music General

FXD files can define an external music source, such as a net radio station.

If what you need is to define a cover for an album, just use the AUDIO_COVER_REGEXP from freevo_local.conf. Using the default value, you just need to name (or link) your file front.jpg or cover-f.jpg.

Streaming Audio

For streaming radio you need to create a fxd file with links to the stations you need and then add this file to your local_conf.py freevo will support any station that can be streamed with mplayer or xine

E.G local_conf.py

AUDIO_ITEMS = [ ('Muziek', '/home/freevo/media/muziek'),
                ('Nadine', '/home/freevo/media/nadine/'), 
                ('Addie', '/home/addie/'), 
                ('Mp3 Speler', '/mnt/gadgets/'), 
                 '/home/freevo/.freevo/webradio.fxd' ]

In this case your fxd file would be /home/freevo/.freevo/webradio.fxd and it would have entries as below

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
  <container title="Radiostations" type="webradio">
                <audio title="Radio 1">
                                <description>De radiozender voor nieuws en sport.</description>
                <audio title="Radio 2">
                                <description>Je hoort nog eens wat.</description>
      <description>Radio stations on the internet...</description>

Starcast Grabber

This project is a set of perl scripts that enables you to access Shoutcast and Icecast streams.

The scripts grab web pages according to hardcoded queries (like 'get the most listened radios and with available slots'), parse the html pages and pack information into a fxd file.

URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/starcastgrab/

A logo downloader was implemented, you have to modify the hardcoded path of the logo storage ($logo_dir in the perl script).

By default, the script gets all genres such as Rock, Funk, etc.... If you only want some of them, just edit the genre list at the begining of the script.

Usage example:

   This retrieves 10 first most listened radios 
   for each genre (Funk, Rock...) from shoutcast web page 
perl shoutcast_grabber.pl -d 10 -o /usr/share/freevo/fxd/shoutcast.fxd -quiet

   Add this entry in the audio files list in local_conf.py : 
MUSIC_DIR = [ ('Shoutcast webradio','fxd/shoutcast.fxd') 

You can also add a cron entry into crontab to automatically update the fxd file ;-)

PleaseUpdate: Should the code be adjusted so that this is not all part of the <freevo> element, but instead wrapped pushed down a level such as <freevo><music>...title, logo, audio, etc...</music></freevo>?

Local Audio

PleaseUpdate: How to write <audio> tags, container, etc.

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