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TV_CHANNELS for NTL Cable in Dublin, Ireland

Hopefully you should just be able to copy this into local_conf.py and you'll be up and running. Don't forget to configure XMLTV as well, also as you can see this isn't quite a full list, feel free to complete it.

TV_CHANNELS = [('rte-1.rte.ie', 'RTE1',              'A10'),
               ('C1870.radiotimes.com', 'NET2',              'A7'),
               ('utvlive.com', 'UTV',               'A13'),
               ('channel4.com', 'Channel4',               'A13'),
               ('south-east.bbc1.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC1',           'A17'),
               ('south-east.bbc2.bbc.co.uk', 'BBC2',           'A18'),
               ('tv3.ie', 'TV3',           'A9'),
               ('sky-one.sky.com', 'SKY1',           'A19'),
               ('tg4.ie', 'TG4', 'A15'),
               ('e4.channel4.com', 'E4',               '21'),
               ('1.setanta.com', 'Setanta Sports',               'A20'),
               ('discoveryeurope.com', 'Discovery Channel',           'A1'),
               ('mtv.co.uk', 'MTV',           'A21'),
               ('tmf.nl', 'TMF', 'A25'),
               ('sky-news.sky.com', 'sky news', 'A24')

2014-02-15 05:10